Stack & API

21 projects

    No time wasted

    JavaScript· a bit of python


    Share your best memories from EDC

    ReactJS· Deep Learning

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    Afterparty Movie

    Make memories, not selfies.

    Amazon Lambda· Amazon S3· NodeJS· Amazon Rekognition· Amazon DeepLens


    Find missing friends.

    Basic MEAN stack

    After Party

    Personalized music experience using facial recognition tech

    ReactJS· Django· AWS Lambda· AWS Rekognition· flutter

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    Enhancing Security using AI and Crowd-sourcing

    AWS· a bit of python· Amazon Deep Lens· cognitive vision

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    Muse Me

    Where is the best jam at the site?


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    Team JEDKI



    Crowd Control

    Know about event anomalies. Manage the crowds emotions and ma...

    Amazon Lambda· Amazon S3· Amazon Rekognition· Data Analysis· Amazon DeepLens· Amazon Kinesis

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    Star Station

    An Immersive Video Experience

    Amazon Lambda· Amazon Rekognition· Amazon DeepLens· Amazon Sage Maker· Amazon Kinesis

    Find Your Totem

    Find your totem, find your fam

    ReactJS· Amazon Lambda· Amazon Rekognition· Amazon DeepLens· Amazon Sage Maker


    Security system utilizing social media

    Parse· Swift· react· AWS Lambda· AWS Rekognition· Intermediate:Python

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    Project Water

    help all festival goers

    Node.js· AWS Rekognition· Angular· Amazon DeepLens


    A new type of light

    JavaScript· HTML

    Rave Mom

    The Ultimate Rave Bae VA

    S3· CSS· ReactJS· HTML· MapBox· JSX

    Party Spy

    Festival AR Scavenger Hunt

    iOS App· AWS API Gateway· AWS Lambda· AWS Rekognition· AWS S3· AWS Cognito


    Measure audience enthusiasm

    Python· Swift· basic python

    Ground Net

    We'd be SkyNet if we could get our project off the ground!

    Beginner Html/Css· backend-php· a bit of python

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    Know the previously unknown with Fynder.

    DYNAMO· JavaScript· Apache Cordova· Amazon S3· Javascript (Angular / JQuery / Node)· Amazon Deep Lens


    New way to capture your memories

    Amazon Lambda· AWS Elastic Beanstalk· Amazon Rekognition· Amazon DeepLens