GPS location over SMS for MSF

Allows MSF doctors to be located without mobile data connection in other countries

Silicon Valley


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Anish Singhani

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Product Manager Investor


This project was created to solve a problem faced by Doctors Without Borders, who often send field doctors into other countries where mobile data is not available, only a very spotty connection that allows just SMS and calling. My solution can transmit the current location of the doctor via SMS which will be received by a webserver, which logs it in a database and also allows the coordinators to see the location and contact them through phone. If the SMS fails to send, it will reattempt it until it succeeds (when in an area with better coverage). This solution also uses magnets and magnetometer to detect if the phone is in a cradle in the car, charging in a base building, or if the doctor is carrying/keeping in their pocket. Technology Stack: Java, Android, NANO Magnetics, Magnetometer, twilio api (SMS), Node.js, Express.js, HTML5, Leaflet.js, Bootstrap


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