When you apply, your application is received and processed by our team. Those who are accepted are informed within 2-3 days of submitting the application. DO I NEED A KODING ACCOUNT

Yes, all participants are required to have a Koding account. WHERE CAN I BUILD MY PROJECT?

You will be building your project on Koding for Teams... our upcoming product. All accepted teams will receive an invite to Koding for Teams by the first week of December. WHAT IS THE MAXIMUM SIZE OF A HACKATHON TEAM

There's no max size but too many cooks in the kitchen can spoil the dish :). If you’re looking for team members, you can find them on #hackathon channel in Koding. Tons of amazing people are looking for team members! DO I OWN MY IDEA?

Yes, you do 100%. Koding or a sponsor may even approach you to help promote you and your idea on their blog and social media! Also keep in mind, Koding is not responsible for any disputes that arise amongst your team. HOW DO I SUBMIT MY PROJECT?

We will send instructions via email. WHAT TYPE OF PROJECT CAN I BUILD?

Your project should conform to the event themes and should be a web app. Mobile apps are not allowed. HOW ARE PRIZES PAID OUT?

We cannot give physical cash, it must be electronic. Paypal is ideal and any transfer fees will be absorbed by the recipient. You are responsible for reporting this as income, and we can only transfer money to one representative per team. Depending on your country of origin, the prize money may be treated as income and so you'll be required to pay taxes on it. We encourage you to investigate this for yourself. I HAVE A QUESTION, WHO DO I ASK?

If you have a question for the hackathon team, send it to hackathon@koding.com