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Team 01
Justin Lau
Maria Leung

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1. People are living in the GAPS OF Unknown. We would use multiple data sources to bridge the Users' Instant Needs from Unknown to Real-time Solution. Main target users are mobile users. The KEYS are Location and Preference. 2. User Geo information; user's preferences' history; major users trend; open data sources; supplier's stock information; distribution scheme; 3. We require three major data pools, namely a). users; b).suppliers; c). environmental data sources; Data Exchange Protocol between GEOHunt and suppliers; User data collection from Interface; XML collection from environmental data sources; To manage the data we need further categorization; First Data Mining on those external open data into GEOHunt system data source; thereafter, GEOHunt will deliver two layers of user interface from user's location : a). dominate GEOHunt existing database toward user under "favorite" promotion or marketing scheme; b). user preference operation - user can use GEOHunt DB to enhance preference search categories for target range of objects to formulate solution to meet their real-time need. 4. The idea will be able to meet the users' instant need in daily life and provide them the real-time solution to solve their problem. 2 major areas to cover and focus : "fragmented sources" & "dispersed sources" . For an example : while the user is driving, few simple click(s) can provide the user information of the nearest available parking space and let them reserve the parking space instantly; charges will be costed for browsing and using the data. 5. We link open data with human emotion and instant need or response. By making use of data collected by government, organizations, companies, etc .. into GEOHunt , APIs provide a standardized and (fairly) simple way to connect sources of open data and embedded / mapping to value added data source . By utilizing standardized and platform-agnostic technologies like HTTP, JSON and XML .. under GEOHunt, these ultimately facilitate the integration of all those open data sources into innovative applications and solutions. Extra function in GEOHunt system provides "Emotion" choice for user define their "like" and "preference" in "happy" & "sad" emotion ; or by common system selection ; 6. Our business model meets the user's instant need and predict their preferred need. The client demand need(s) from different condition(s) ; GEOHunt delivers the Supply-Location-Demand-Platform(SLDP) to provide real time information and derive O2O solutions for the clients.