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Deep learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems with the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. Deep Learning is a science that determines patterns in data. These patterns provide deeper meaning to problems and help you to first understand problems better and then solve the same with elegance.

Here is the new HackerEarth’s Deep Learning challenge - Garden Nerd: Flower Recognition.

This challenge is designed to help you improve your deep learning skills by competing and learning from fellow participants.

Prizes 1st Prize - 250 USD 2nd Prize - 150 USD Problem statement

For several years, flower recognition in the wildlife has been an area of great interest among biologists. Recognition of flower in environments such as forests and mountains is necessary to know whether they are extinct or not. While search engines assist in searching for a flower, it lacks robustness because of the intra-class variation among millions of flower species.

The application of deep learning is rapidly growing in the field of computer vision and is helping in building powerful classification and identification models. We can leverage this power of deep learning to build models that can classify and differentiate between different species of flower as well. In this dataset, we provide 18,540 images of 102 different species of animals. In the next 2 months, we challenge you to build models such that given an image, the model will predict the probability of every flower class.

To learn and use the latest open-source libraries and packages To learn by working on live problems because it excites you more than learning from books and tutorials! To build your fan following in our community Of course, grab cash prizes Who should participate?

Working professionals Data Science/Machine Learning enthusiasts College students (if you understand the basics of predictive modeling)

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