Combining Editorial and UCG in a new content experience.

New York


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Cameron Browning
Developer Designer
Maureen Costello
Ryan Houx
victor brunetti
Nancy Fischetti

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Product Manager Investor


Since publishers are increasingly engaging audiences through digital channels and Hearst is looking to disrupt in this space, Co:Fashion delivers for Hearst by capitalizing on the increasing shift toward mobile by connecting users with Hearst fashion content in a truly mobile-first fashion: editor-al + UGC + e-commerce, using the Hearst and Gilt APIs. How does Co:Fashion work? Hearst fashion editors create content just as they normally do, writing articles on trends and events and publishing it to the web via internal CMS; The difference is that the editor creates social tags for each piece of content When the piece shows up in our product via the Hearst API, it is tagged and open to the community to add to it with their own content and associated with e-commerce opportunities via the Gilt API In effect, the users become Hearst fashion co-editors and street photographers, identifying and curating fashion trends using instagrams, tweets, and facebook posts Influential participants (celebs, highly-followed social influencers, etc.) can help kickstart the flow of user generated content Each trend / event is time-boxed and preserved so users can look back at events to see what the overall conversation was around it (e.g. “2013 New York Fashion Week”) What are planned enhancements for Co:Fashion beyond this prototype? Add Monetization Streams Integrate contextual mobile advertising (built into the mosaic tiles) White-label brand experiences (e.g. Jimmy Choo can create a pointy toe lookbook around their new line of shoes, asking users to identify #pointytoe trends in the streets) Increase Gamification and Social Currency Users can join in competition to capture the look of the theme or the event and bubble up to the top based on popularity The community can get involved by promoting / demoting submissions through voting The Editor ultimately can chooses the winner awarding a prize or Top Contributor status Utilize New APIs Open up to other social networks using the Singly API Plan on Vine integration, once the API is made available (now it is only tightly integrated with Twitter), to create a powerful addition to our product as this was a very popular social trend at 2013‘s New York Fashion Week Push music, because of its close association to the fashion world, into the feed using the Spotify API


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