FreedomHack is a one of a kind hackathon that connects hackers, activists, and journalists in a 24 hour event to build tools to help get their stories safely to the world.

1. Build something awesome!

Build whatever you like that you think will help. Build from scratch or hack on top of open-source. Our goal is to help journalists get their stories to the world and to protect them in the field. It's going to be a great hack!

2. Your hack can change the world!

Your awesome hacks will actually be deployed to the world and help people around the globe get their stories to the world. You could save a life or help change the world - what better prize is there?

3. Find a team for your project!

Whether you are looking for collaborators or technical cofounders - this hackathon is a great opportunity to meet some awesome people and see how well you work together.

4. Awesome prizes!

Some spectacular organizations are coming together to give out some awesome prizes and giant trophies. It's going to be worth it!

The hackathon is to be held at 1776, Washington DC's premiere startup space, and judged by activists and technologists.


FreedomHack is a 24-hr hackathon. It starts on Saturday morning, hackers work through the day, and present their projects on Sunday. Projects are judged by a panel composed of technology professional and media activists. Winners collect amazing prizes and the winning projects are actually taken to Mexico to be tested in the real world. You will see your projects come to life!

What to Make

FreedomHack is a one-of-a-kind hackathon and has three categories, each judged independently. Build from scratch, from Open Source or COTS, or even create Documentation that makes journalist life easier.

1. Freeform Hack

Build anything you want that you think will help journalists and activists get their stories out of Mexico securely. You can bring your own idea or join someone else and build theirs. The only criteria for this category is to have nothing started before the hackathon - everything is to be done from scratch in 24hrs.

2. Mods Hack

Expand existing Open-Source or commercial products. No one can build security, tunneling, and crypto in 24hrs - luckily there are hundreds of projects out there that have done it successfully. Many are complicated or don't apply to the problem at hand. This is your chance to make what you want out of amazing tools that already exist.

3. Documentation & Activism Hacks

Build documentation, guides, translations, and more. You don't have to be technical to help enable a free and secure press. Much of the time journalists and activists need knowledge more than anything. What should they use? How should it work? Can they read it in Spanish? Get together with translators, activists, and journalists to help make non-technical tools. This is as vital as anything else.