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1] FoodKey is a product with the idea combination of "Waze" and "airbnb" in Food industry. It is used for handling the procurement process between restaurants, suppliers as well as the carriers(shippers). Our targets are SMEs. 2]licensed Restaurants, locations and weather. 3] Collect the open data from webserver and store to our own server for development of projects. 4] The hassle part of the food industry about food waste, loads of paper invoices and payment methods would be solved. We help them to increase the flexibility in exploring new resources, real time stock level analysis, lower cost and time with the use of electronic invoices, payments and instant communication. A big database from the food industry is also formed from the system. 5] Our app make use of open data from restaurants,locations and weathers to create a more transparent platform(location based) and a real time data is shared for making better decision on food allocations. The creative parts are multiple messages to related parties and LBS allows nearby restaurants to resell resources! 6]Earn money from real time data analysis on stock with account payable stuff managed seamlessly.