Buy or sell any file with bitcoin.

Las Vegas


Technologies Used

Amazon AWS
PubNub API

Project Team

David Lio
Developer Entrepreneur
Anthony Esposito
Developer Designer Entrepreneur

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


FilePub is a platform that enables the selling of files for bitcoin on any website. We are creating universal file marketplace that uses bitcoin for payments and offers a robust affiliate selling experience. In recent years, siloed platforms have largely addressed the problem of distribution but they are failing to adequately address issues of profit sharing, payment thresholds, and universality. Although anyone can now leverage these platforms to distribute a file, they must distribute files of different formats through different platforms, often with limited financial incentive to do so. On advertising-driven platforms, content creators have to make tens of thousands of monthly sales or generate tens of millions of monthly views, listens, or downloads to expect to earn the equivalent of a minimum wage salary. As a result, content creators are actively exploring alternative methods for monetizing their work, including donation and sponsorship-based models such as Flattr and Patreon. This is evidence that enterprising content creators everywhere are creating files that they would love to monetize. On the other hand, consumers everywhere are trying hard to find ways to reward the creators of original content directly, cutting out the middlemen of traditional power structures like record labels and publishing houses. Our aim is to bring these parties together by leveraging bitcoin as an enabling technology.