Fike Me

Fike is Face-to-Face "Like"

San Francisco


Technologies Used

Amazon AWS

Project Team

Qirfiraz Siddiqui
Entrepreneur Designer Developer

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Validation of proximity of a user device can be used to gain the lost value of social media based gestures and messages. For example, if a person ""Likes"" another person by a ""Tap"" of NFC enabled phones then this ""Face-to-Face"", ""Like"" should be regarded as more valuable gesture than the ""in-absentia Like"" gesture performed by a click of a mouse. Similarly, a person can be followed on TWITTER or added to GOOGLE circles, by tapping NFC enabled phones. Proximity technologies could be rated/weighted on the basis of a ""Probability of Encounter"". The tap used via an NFC device should be considered as sure evidence of an actual physical face-to-face encounter. Also, BLUETOOH low-energy (BLE) may be considered ""immediate"", and should be considered as a 90 percent probability of an actual encounter or above.


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