Ankapala: The Account Book for fighting corruption in Food Security

Fighting Fraud and Corruption in Public Distribution System in India


Technologies Used

Debian GNU/Linux
Windows 10

Project Team

Gargi Mitra
Designer Developer
Prasanna Karthik

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Product Manager Investor


Corruption and fraud are common issues that hinder the progress of large "Third World" democracies like India. This is largely due to the huge population, coupled with the involvement of several internal stakeholders (like politicians, civil servants, etc.) or external actors (like western multinational companies and international financial institutions) or both. All these factors together make the governance systems extremely complex and difficult to manage and track. Most of the fraudulent intermediaries take advantage of this complexity and find loopholes in the system for laundering public money or Government resources meant for the public. ||Problems with the PDS system(Food Security) in India:|| =People are denied rations at the ration shop saying they are ineligible. =Poor people are not aware of the price rates of Rice, Wheat and Kerosene, believe the dealer. =Ration supplies are adulterated making them unfit for edible purposes. =People often get less rations than what they are eligible for. Dealers falsely claim unavailability. =Ration queues are long owing to the large population. =People leave the queue feeling cheated when the Ration supplies get over. ||Existing Solutions: || With the gradual digitization of public services, several online transaction management systems as well as online public service request mechanisms have been devised by the Indian Government. But most of these systems only track the consumer's activities and a section of the activities of the service provider which is online. However, services that host part of their infrastructure online and part of it offline cannot be efficiently tracked using the existing solutions. ||Ankapala: || Ankapala, in Sanskrit, means 'The account book'. Our Ankapala keeps track of the online as well as the offline events of the public distribution system (The food security system of India). By tracking/accounting the offline activities, the scope for bribery is minimized since all the activities(including the timestamp) are recorded on the Tamper-proof ledger (The Blockchain). To know more about our solution, please watch the introductory video. ||Links: || [Github Link:] [Website:] [Short Intro Video:] [Longer Tech Video: ]