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    Let's fly through your memories!

    Android· Particle SDK· Node· ExpressJS· Febreze API· Alexa

    Anchor good habits with music, smell and light.

    Amazon AWS· Advanced Python· amazon alexa· ok google· febreze api


    Blind and deaf people can now recognize visitors coming at the...

    Amazon AWS· Python Flask· AWS Cloud Hosting· Django Rest Framework· NodeJS· Python Django

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    Got Smoke? We can get rid of it AUTOMATICALLY

    JavaScript· Frontend - HTML/CSS/Bootstrap· jQuery· Node.js· google home· nest thermostat


    Node.js· Ruby on Rails


    SmokeAway neutralizes unwanted smells

    JavaScript· nodejs

    Internet of Plants

    Using internet of plants to help manage your air smell and air...

    Intel Edison· febreze api· google home· nest api

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    Bree Home

    Virtual Reality Connected Home Artificial Intelligence

    IBM WATSON · Unity3D· c#· GearVR· febreze home


    Athan - a call to prayer

    Github· nodejs· iphone· febreze api· google home· febreze home


    Feelings Detection Alexa MachineLearning

    Amazon Lambda· DynamoDB· Alexa Voice Service· febreze api

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    Scent based game on Febreze and Google Home

    google home· febreze home

    Febreasy Workout™

    You visit your gym. You do a short workout. You begin to sweat...

    Echo Nest API· Amazon Echo· Alexa Voice Service· febreze home· Febrez API· EcoAdapter


    Multi-sensory, truly immersive VR vacation

    Google Cardboard· Amazon Echo· nest thermostat· febreze home

    Breeze Home

    Next Generation Immersive Media Experience

    Python· Android· iOS· appengine· Chromecast· Google Cloud Messaging


    Stabilizing negative moods through the science of smell, perso...

    Java· Python· febreze home

    Happy Day - Home Scenes

    Make Great Automatic and Direct Home Scenes

    Machine Learning· Amazon Echo· Alexa Voice Service· NodeJS· febreze home· Febreze API


    Google Home helping you deal with messy bathroom in offices an...

    Advanced Python· google home·· twilio

    Take me to Febreze

    Vacation with Febreze


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    Waiting to be surprised?

    node.js· amazon alexa· nest api· Febrez API

    Augmented Being

    Augmenting humans by extending our five senses through compute...

    JavaScript· WebGL· threejs· WebVR· Redshift· Node.js