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FC Bayern Munich

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About this event

For the first time, FC Bayern Munich will host, together with its fans, partners, leading experts, start-ups and students from all over the world, the #FCBayernHackDays to learn together, face new challenges and to research new innovative possibilities.


Thinking of fan experiences and services in a new way. Testing and applying innovative and new technologies within and outside the stadium. Bringing the emotional connection of our club to life even more through technology and digital infrastructure. Learning from each other and creating new things together.



Next Reality – Develop innovative and fascinating mixed reality offers/features (AR, VR) for the FC Bayern Community

How would you satisfy fan needs with wow-effects through AR and VR? What added value can you imagine through AR and VR data and information for our fans? How would you enrich the fan journey in the stadium, in the sports bar or on the road with new experiences and information?


Mobile interaction and commerce- Redefine how we engage with our fans around the world

How would you engage with our Generation Z fans via mobile? What are your ideas to enhance the experience and product storytelling? How would you combine community building and digital benefits with real products?


Your fan experience and your car – Explore new ways how your car can become an integrated part of your fan experience

How can we find new ways of interacting with FC Bayern fans while sitting in a car? How can new mobilty services improve the fan experience? How can innovation in mobility like autonomous driving and e-mobility be transfered to innovation accelerating fan experiences?


Fan-Activation 4.0 – Invent fascinating and innovative digital fan experiences

What are your ideas how to turn unknown into known fans by offering innovative personalized digital fan experiences? How would you use content, digital channels and situations to identify and address fans worldwide? How do we connect international fan communities?


Journey to Allianz Arena – A new way to experience the way to Allianz Arena, no matter what kind of transportation

How would you provide best transportation fitting to each individual’s needs as speed, comfort, in groups or alone? What is your idea for fan interaction on the way to the stadium? How is the subway, the autobahn or even the subway station itself part of the experience?


Creativity meets technology – How to apply new technologies in order to create new fan-experiences

How can fan emotions in the stadium, in sports bars and in front of screens be connected in an intelligent way? How can trust building concepts like blockchain be applied in order to provide new values for fans? How can mini programs in messenger services or chatbots be applied in intelligent ways?

More Challenges… and infos about the challenges will be announced soon


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Terms and Conditions FC Bayern HackDays Goal: What are the FC Bayern HackDays about? The FC Bayern HackDays are organized by FC Bayern München AG, 81547 Munich, with the goal of developing ...

Terms and Conditions FC Bayern HackDays

Goal: What are the FC Bayern HackDays about?

The FC Bayern HackDays are organized by FC Bayern München AG, 81547 Munich, with the goal of developing innovative and creative software, creating prototypes and generating ideas in collaboration with selected fans, students and experts. The participants will e.g., receive (anonymized) data with a concrete problem description and develop their ideas in respective teams with the support of numerous experts from various relevant fields such as technology, sport and innovation. The resulting ideas will be evaluated and awarded by a jury on the final day of the event. The best ideas will receive attractive prizes (e.g. a trip to an UEFA away-match of FC Bayern including tickets and accommodations). The FC Bayern HackDays will take place from January 19-22, 2018, in the Allianz Arena, Werner-Heisenberg-Allee 25, 80939 München. The final selected participants will receive personal invitations via their specified means of contact during their applications on The official competition and event language is English.

The Conditions of Participation apply for all participants of the event. By submitting a registration to the event, all participants therewith declare their notice of and agreement to the Conditions of Participation.

Eligibility for participation: Who can apply and participate?

In general, the FC Bayern HackDays are open for application to all full-aged individuals and is especially targeting creative fans, students, entrepreneurs, (young) professionals and start-ups with a great interest, and ideally, with experience, in one or more relevant fields such as:

Marketing & Business Modeling Data Mining & Visualization Data Modeling and Management Crowd Management Mixed Reality (AR, VR) Artificial Intelligence Blockchain App Development Knowledge of common programming languages is advantageous. But knowledge or ability in any programming language or tools is explicitly not a prerequisite for participation. Employees of FC Bayern München, the Allianz Arena, the listed event partners and UnternehmerTUM are not eligible to participate (with consideration in the competition). During the FC Bayern HackDays, participants will exclusively work in teams of three to five.

Application: How to apply?

The application must be submitted online via until December 7, 2017. The application must be submitted as a single natural individual. The candidate selection from all received applications will be carried out by FC Bayern München AG and its organizational partner UnternehmerTUM Projekt GmbH according to the professional background, the given motivation and skills of the applicants. The applicants will be informed in several admission waves via email until January 10th, 2018, at the latest, whether or not they are invited to the FC Bayern HackDays. The selected participants will also receive details in regard to travel, accommodation and meals. A maximum total of 200 participants will be invited to the event. The invited participants must confirm their participation in the FC Bayern HackDays within one week following the invitation by following the attached registration link and instructions. Unconfirmed participation spots will be offered to backup participants or will be left unoccupied. Claims of participation in the FC Bayern HackDays do not subsist. FC Bayern München AG reserves the right to decline applications and participations at any time without stating reason. Legal action is ruled out.

IT Equipment: Which hardware and software are allowed to be used?

The IT Equipment of the FC Bayern HackDays follows the motto “Bring your own device”. Therefore participants shall bring their own hardware and software, typically laptops with already installed software. Both commercial and open-source software may be used. When using commercial software, participants are required to ensure appropriate licensing. In addition, through cooperation with the organizational partner UnternehmerTUM Projekt GmbH, participants will be offered access to a Tech-Library and the MakerSpace of UnternehmerTUM MakerSpace GmbH. FC Bayern München AG and UnternehmerTUM explicitly assume no liability for any hardware brought by the participants and no liability for infringement of property rights and copyrights to third parties. The organizer recommends the use of freely available (open-source) software. The available Internet access during the event is only to be used by means of the access data provided by the organizer in accordance to the respective Conditions of Participation. In case of violation, only the violating participant will be held liable.

Data Provision: How are the data packages made available to the participants?

The provision of data will be carried out by responsible event managers on site. The participants must undertake a declaration of confidentiality prior to the start of the competition, stating that all data will be processed exclusively within the framework of the FC Bayern HackDays, will not be passed on without written permission, and will be deleted immediately upon the end of the event. The declaration of confidentiality by the participant is a mandatory requirement for the reception of data records and relevant accesses.

Evaluation and Awarding: How are the winners selected?

The pure competition duration within the entire event is estimated at 4 days, at the end of which the ideas and prototypes developed by the individual teams are submitted to the jury appointed by the organizer. FC Bayern München AG reserves the right to make alternations to the course of events. The content and the technical data formats of the submitted products are not subject to any restriction; however the organizer will make recommendations and explain evaluation criteria prior to the kick-off of the competition period. The individual teams will present their ideas in a short presentation („pitch“) to the jury and the audience of the FC Bayern HackDays. The evaluation criteria will be communicated by the organizer and the jury prior to the kick-off of the competition period and will be available transparently throughout the duration of the event. The best ideas will be awarded by the organizer with attractive prizes. The detailed prizes will be announced either through the website or at the event.

Participant Arrivals, Departure and Meals

FC Bayern München AG will make one suggestion for travel by plane, train and/or bus to participants with places of residence more than 100 km away from the Allianz Arena. Upon acceptance of this suggestion, FC Bayern München AG will cover the corresponding costs for the plane, bus and/or train tickets for the suggested option. Participants are not entitled to any further suggestions as well as to the choice of means of transport, specific travel times and travel classes. Plane, bus and train tickets will be booked in the cheapest travel class available (e.g. air travel in Economy Class, railway travel in 2nd Class). The bookings and handover of the tickets are carried out by FC Bayern München AG according to arrangement.

There will be no further reimbursement of travel expenses, even on presentation of invoices, no travel allowances and no entitlement to additional benefits such as travel insurances. Any hotel bookings, accommodation costs or travels via private car or rental car, taxi rides, parking fees, etc. will not be refunded. We ask for your understanding that tickets for urban public transport (e.g. MVV in Munich) will also not be refunded or subsidized. The covering of travel costs is limited exclusively to the travel tickets within the above mentioned suggestion made by FC Bayern München AG. Legal actions are ruled out. We provide a 20€ disturbance allowance to participants that travel short distance (under 100km one way). Free meals and beverages will be provided to participants by FC Bayern München AG during the event.

Rights of Use / Intellectual Property

All solutions and results, concepts, documents, programs or other material (“work results”) developed by the participants within the framework of the FC Bayern HackDays will fall under the open source license models of BSD ( for software or CC-BY (, except for the case in which a specific reason can be given with explicit identification of the concerning products. A specific reason is, for example, violation against already existing property rights of participating start-ups, entrepreneurs or other individuals.

Use of image and sound recordings

By submitting a registration for the event, the participants agree that all image recordings, film recordings and participant interviews that are created within the framework of the event be published by FC Bayern München AG, its partners and the media, in broadcasting, television, print media, books, posters, photomechanical duplications and the Internet without any claim for advertisement compensation. The right to use the above mentioned recordings includes distribution in all languages and is unrestricted in time and location.

Consent to the use and disclosure of personal data

By submitting a registration for the event, the participants agree that their personal data will be stored by FC Bayern München AG according to § 15 AktG or by its organizational partner UnternehmerTUM. Personal data of the participants are collected, processed and used exclusively for the organization and execution of the event. Confidentiality in regard to the handling of personal data is a particular concern of FC Bayern München AG and UnternehmerTUM. Participants may request information on their personal data, their correction, deletion or blocking from FC Bayern München AG at any time. Such requests can be directed to the contact person of the event ( Disclosure of personal data to third parties (e.g. to Challenge partners or other participants for the purpose of team formation) takes place – if necessary – only in the context of the organization and execution of the event and only after explicit consent has been given by the participants. Any promotional use of personal data of participants by FC Bayern München AG or UnternehmerTUM is ruled out.


FC Bayern München AG, its legal representatives and employees shall be liable to the participants, for any legal reason whatsoever, only for gross negligence, intent or if the breached obligation is essential for the achievement of the purpose of the contract (cardinal obligations). This disclaimer and limitation of liability does not apply to the extent in the event of injury to life, body or health or if compelling justification under the Product Liability Act or other reasons can be delivered.

Exclusion from participation

The organizer reserves the right to ban participants from the event in the case of disregard to the instructions of the organizer or third parties commissioned by the organizer, violation of the Conditions of Participation, the site rules on event venues or the conditions of carriage of the means of transport used in the context of the event, theft, damaging, violence, and drug consumption. The cost of travel and other expenses incurred thereby must be covered by the participant him/herself.

Shifting or cancellation of event program points

The organizer has the right to modify or cancel event program points and to make changes to organizational specifications such as venues, accommodation etc. at any time at its own discretion. In the event of a cancellation of the event, the participant has no claim for compensation and reimbursement of expenses or any other costs or damages incurred as a result of participation or the preparation for participation.

Instructions / Code of Conduct

Participants will follow the Conditions of Participation within the context of the event and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. In particular, the participants will not create any content that is unlawful or otherwise offensive or that can be understood as such.

At the beginning of the event, participants must be able to identify themselves with a valid identification document.

During the duration of the event, the organizer, its legal representatives and commissioned agents are authorized to give instructions to the participants. Instructions issued must be followed to avoid risks.

During the event, participants shall be enabled to develop concrete solutions (e.g. software prototypes) on a defined topic or task in cross-functional, agile teams. Further, the event organizer will receive data, information and feedback from the participants on the solutions and results produced (e.g. software prototypes). When developing solutions or working on contents, participants will therefore only contribute their own ideas and rights and, in particular, will not make use of any confidential content protected by third-party rights. In addition, participants will enable the organizer to use the developed solutions and results for the intended purposes.

The site rules / stadium regulations of the Allianz Arena are to be followed by all participants. The stadium regulations are available at the following link:


Participants are obliged not to disclose any information, knowledge and materials received from the organizer or gained access to in the context of the event that are marked as “confidential” (hereinafter referred to as “Confidential Information”). Participants must protect Confidential Information from unauthorized access from third parties, must not transfer Confidential Information to third parties without the explicit consent of the event organizer and may only use the Confidential Information within the context of the event. These obligations will hold ground for five (5) years after the end of the event. Prior to leaving the event, participants must erase all Confidential Information or return them to the organizer.


FC Bayern München will organize and cover accommodation costs for those participants, that need to travel more than 100km one way. It is expected that accommodation will be provided in an international hostel. There is no entitlement for absorption of costs of any alternative. Participants are free to choose other accommodation options on one's own account.

Other remarks

These Conditions of Participation and the therewith resulting legal relations are subject to the Law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Should individual clauses in the Conditions of Participation be or become wholly or partially inadmissible, the validity of the remaining clauses shall remain unaffected. Legal action is ruled out.