F:04-02 SAHAYA-Union of hands to help

charity to the people in need



Technologies Used


Project Team

Hima Bindu Tetali
Lakshmi Mounika Manthena
prabha sushma karri

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


In our application user who ever needed charity will send a request via that particular organisation and then all the donars who have already registered will receive a message. All the requests, it may be any asset will be viewed to the donars. And then donar can give funding to the asset he wanted to do. When the organisation receives the fund the user will get a notification saying that the money has been has been received by the organisation. Functionalities of donar: The donars will register. Login into their account. Select the issue to which they want to donate. Transfer money to the organisation. Functionalities of Organisation: Register with their registry number . Login to their account. Accept or decline the patient requests. Maintain an account number to which the organisation funds. Functionalities of charity: When ever patient requests it asks for the particular organisation for the confirmation. If the organisation accepts it , then requests will be sent to the donors who have registered. Maintain an account with patient ID’s and their correspondent amount funded by the donars. If the amount reaches the requested limit then amount will be transferred to that particular organisation account. As soon the amount is transferred to the organisation a confirmation notification will be sent to the patient who have requested. Functionalities of needy: All the details of the organisation in which they need to be taken care will be given along with the adhaar card and the MGO’s acceptance letter.!


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