Personal Dev , Trusted Community , A way of Sustainable Networking .



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pure php/mysql

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Lê Quý Ái
Developer Entrepreneur

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Product Manager Investor


EveryFactor. The slogan: "is important, ALL!" A person has many factors about him-self/her-self. Ex: A dev: Factor 1: is good at writing Java Android app (with mark of: 8/10) Factor 2: is good at using English (with mark of: 7/10) Factor 3: is bad at understanding people (with mark of: 3/10) -> this is a LIMITing factor , that needs to be improved Factor 4: is bad at public speaking (with mark of: 3/10) -> this is a LIMITing factor , that needs to be improved We allow users to choose factors they most care from a pre-built set of factors . We let them make tests to identify the points of the factors . A test per factor . After the tests , they will see what are LIMITing factors that need to be improved . This is when the courses providers come in , to search & provide the courses to help users to improve their factors . Also , recruiters can come in to filter list of qualified users to make offers of jobs . So , we at NOW , have 3 objects involved : users , courses , recruiters . But this community has vision of a TRUSTED , SUPPORTING , SUSTAINABLE community . So we allow more in future like : team making , checklist , best products/services providers , personal consultants/coachs , etc. ... , anything you can think of to grow this community . So come & join me . I am working alone . I need 2 PHP devs + 2 HTML/CSS . Being able with basic coding is PRETTY MUCH OK . Don't worry . Call me at 0938 784 013 . Or Fb : facebook.com/le.q.ai.9 . Or Skype : ai.le.1984 .