Payment platform, with microtransaction bonuses


Technologies Used

MasterCard Simplify Payment

Project Team

Alyson Ferrer

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


We, as a payment platform, do accept any credit card or Bitcoins (via BitPay), viabilizing those payments via NFC, transfers between our users via their Facebook accounts. We do also provide our very own Blockchain-based coin, the EVCoin for our users. This coin is aqcuired either by a microtransaction in which spare change (i.e. in a BRL 25.34 purchase, there is a second transaction generated by us of BRL 0.66), % of purchase or a fixed amount is used to purchase our EVCoin. This coin can be used either to transfer between our users, to purchase usual online services such as Netflix and Spotify signature, to donate to projects/charities listed to receive such donations on FB or even to the campaign or our users favoured politician. In a near future, also purchase investments.


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