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Jun Gong

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The global Covid-19 pandemic sudden attack seems to have pressed the pause button on the whole world, halting or slowing down a lot of the procedures and networks we are accustomed to and reliant on. In response, this sudden change pushes us to rethink the current social-economic architecture of many industries and sectors, including the art world and beyond.

Even though some of us have gotten used to the new normal, living in the digital nomad lifestyle, there’s no better time than now to focus on the most fundamental prospect underlying the application of blockchain and the technology in general — and start BUIDLING — from building a sustainable ecosystem that allows creative individuals and groups to work in a decentralized, self-autonomous and revenue-creating model, to simply help people during this challenging time to build projects around digital mindfulness, self-care, and more.

“Building the Next Digital World” to encourage a reciprocal world in the next digital generation, envisioned with the power of blockchain technology. This hackathon will be the ultimate platform for hackers, builders, artists, designers, and anyone else from all backgrounds who want to build, create, and move forward, together.


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