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Daniel Hofinger

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About this event

BESCHREIBUNG Last year in summer, we organized the first Ethereum Camp in Frankfurt/Main. 14 real prototypes developed over 5 days, 85 participants. See the video now (90s):

Learn how to connect Ethereum to real IoT products! Participate in the second Ethereum Camp! See the trailer now (30s):

Join our "Ethereum Camp" in March, 2018 in Berlin (Germany) focusing on connecting Ethereum to real IoT products. We provide Raspberry Pi and HiKey hardware sets, sensors, actors, physical products and teach you coding and how to program it — you develop Ethereum smart contracts, implement IOTA, connect real products and code a frontend. From a business model perspective, this can yield endless possibilities. Experts, lawyers and scholars   will hold sessions to touch various facets of the intersection of IoT and blockchain. The camp is supported by Next Big Thing, weeve, Blogfabrik, Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, nexussquared, 21 Digital and more.

OBJECTIVE We have experts showing you how to connect Ethereum and IOTA to IoT products and how to code with Raspberry Pis, HiKey, sensors and actors. Further, we organize multiple short lectures to inspire you, e.g. by lawyers, developers, industry experts. As an IT developer (60 pax), you develop a IoT/Ethereum/IOTA prototype connecting the Raspberry Pi and HiKey, accessing sensors and actors, including Ethereum smart codes and presenting frontend interfaces. As a business developer (20 pax), you think of a business model and a clear product or service; you develop marketing material and a first version of a website; you might also talk to potential customers to get their opinion.

WHAT do we provide: • We provide hardware devices: Raspberry Pi and HiKey hardware sets, sensors and actors with multiple I/O channels. • You learn how to connect Ethereum and IOTA to the IoT hardware. • You learn how to program the Raspberry Pi and HiKey sets, the sensors and the actors. • We provide a set of real products to be connected, e.g. a truck, a RFID reader, a 220V plug, a charging station for e-cars, a solar panel, a smart meter. • You connect with others and for a team consisting of both IT developers and business people. • You think of a business model based on hardware, software and smart contracts. • Because it’s an educational event, you will get a certificate for this 4-day blockchain & IoT hackathon. You can use this for future applications. • Ideally at the end of the week, you have a working prototype, a website and a video to showcase your product. • You present your product and your business model at the end of the week to the blockchain community in Frankfurt which we will invite to listen to you.

WHO will contribute: We have fascinating lecturers for this week! Experts, lawyers and scholars will give sessions to highlight different facets of development in the blockchain area: IOTA, Technische Universität München, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management etc.

Lean start-up, canvas, blue ocean, what to use when starting a business? (Daniel Grassinger, nexussquared)

Disrupting Industries With Blockchain (Prof. Dr. Andranik Tumasjan, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz)

Business Models for Decentralized IoT Blockchain Applications (Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner, Frankfurt School)

Ethereum: collection of best practices (Immo Garlichs, Wollenberg Capital)

Opportunities and the importance of the right founder team (Lennart Wittstock, 21 Digital)

How to really quickly build websites (Jonas Beisswenger, CODE)

An institutional VC’s view on Blockchain and Crypto (Ravi Kurani, Earlybird)

Potential of Blockchain & IoT (Harald Zapp, weeve - CEO)

How to develop IoT products and the technology behind it (Jasmin Skenderi, NBT - CTO)

How can I make use of blockchain based currencies for gaming? (Jörg Roskowetz, AMD)

Smart contracts explained in detail (Laurence Kirk, XAIN AG - Blockchain Architect)

About a new technology and how to use it: weeve (Sebastian Gajek, weeve - Chief Scienties)

more to come...

NEEDED requirements: • IT developers: fundamental knowledge of JavaScript, NodeJS, Ethereum Web3.js, passion for innovation, highly motivated; if possible, Raspberry Pi and C++ • Business developer: fascination for blockchain and IT, ideally entrepreneurship experience, passion for innovation, some marketing and design skills, highly motivated

COSTS: The regular fee is EUR 1500, but we provide 20 stipends reducing the fee to EUR 500. Feel free to apply! With a successful application we send you a voucher code you can then use for your registration. Please note that we cannot provide accommodation; you have to organize this yourself.


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