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Fluid UI

Project Team

Jalaj Khajotia
Developer Entrepreneur
Chayan Shrang Raj
Anupam Rana
Rishi Chaudhary
Entrepreneur Designer

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Product Manager Investor


Workers regularly lose time looking for their meeting rooms, colleagues, workplaces or equipment. Therefore to solve this problem our team is planning to develop a system on top of Mapwize SDK and integrating the system with beacons. With the help of scanning a QR code at the reception, you would be able to download the office layout and map. Also, he/she would be able to select a particular person with whom the meeting is arranged and he will be guided to the destination. Also whenever there would be a meeting scheduled they can book the booking room and all the employees who are supposed to be attending the meeting will be notified about the time and location. The reason behind introducing beacons to this system is that GPS still has very less accuracy when it comes to differentiating very close positions or location points, therefore beacons can provide the exact location of an employee in the office. The location of each employee can be monitored by senior officials of the company. Also with beacons and Mapwize SDK location based todo list or reminders can be set by employees. Therefore our product Balti not only helps people to navigate in an office but also provides a lot of additional features for managing work and time. Equity is an all business Android app that makes in-office navigation an easy feat. It patches most technical shortcomings concerned with meetings in official buildings to which the invited employees are completely new to. Equity is a step in the right direction for organized meetings and maintaining code of conduct. Let's see how. The office navigator has been a desired piece of tech in most enterprises where meetings are held in huge buildings with complicated layouts. Guiding employees across multiple floors and puzzling floor plans get clumsy when scaled across a bunch of employees. Equity kicks in straight. Scanning a QR code defines the scope of your target office building, sets the zoom and fixes your present location from the default location provider. Powered by MapWize, Equity manages to guide employees indoors to their desired meeting rooms or conference halls, all just a click away. Navigation is made interactive and the algorithm chooses the shortest path to the target room. Place details are displayed along with the distance of travel in feet and overall time in advance. Room bookings are made possible by the no-nonsense and flexible GUI that lets you directly select your room of choice in addition to which invitations are broadcasted as notifications across all those employees. Schedules allow creation of to-do reminders and attaching them to a pool of employees which appear as liabilities under them. This allows linking to-do reminders with co-employees, making the system more interactive.