Equilibrium Point

Identify demand and supply of businesses by City



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Tanes Kanchanawanchai
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An online tool that helps to identify the best places (geographical region, city, state) to start a new company based upon tax rates, number of population, revenue and/or growth data i.e - use data to find out where and why that location is booming by providing an overview of city and identify demand and supply for each business category to find equilibrium point based on state corporation and sales tax rates and business growth. Also, the application provides tool using Havenondemand prediction & recommendation api providing by HP to recommend the best place to open business based on different criteria such as the number of population, gross income, etc. Currently, this website provides three main tools, 1. Show number of opened/closed/current business by state 2. Find top ten business friendly states 3. Recommend state to open business based on user constraints (state gross income and number of population), to identify the best place to start a new business according to users constraints such as sales/corporate tax rates, number of population, revenue and/or growth data. This website is not only provide the tools to display statistics but also analyze and make recommendation.


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