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About this event

El Hackathon (/el/ ˈhakəˌTHän/) is a 24hr event for developers, entrepreneurs, innovators and designers to join forces and engage in collaborative computer programming. The goal is to introduce new technologies and concepts that solve problems for the Latino community or tap into the Latino market. El Hackathons is a launch pad for ideas, a place where developers, designers, entrepreneurs and curious folk can meet and build creative projects. We encourage you to develop fun projects that take into consideration issues revolving education, health, business in the Lationo community. You don’t have to be an expert developer to participate; you just need to have the drive to learn and play with code!

For tickets, RSVP here:

Tickets are for people who wish to participate and work on projects ONLY. If you are not working on a project please sign up to the LATISM conference here:

Location: Sheraton Anaheim Hotel 900 Disneyland Dr Anaheim, CA 92802


  • Home-1st
  • $1000.0
  • $1,000

  • Home-2nd
  • $600.0
  • $600

  • Home-3rd
  • $400.0
  • $400



  • Thursday
  • Thursday, Nov. 13th

    6:00 PM: Doors open
    7:00 PM: Intro and Welcome
    7:30 PM: Share you idea, refreshments, recruit a team! (1 min each)
    9:00 PM: Hacking Begins

  • Friday
  • Friday, Nov. 14th

    9:00 AM: Breakfast
    10:00 AM: Hacking continues
    1:00 PM: Tutorials on building a Database, Wordpress, Bootstrap etc. (optional)
    1:15 PM: Social Good Lunch
    2:30 PM: Workshops by sponsors
    3:00 PM: Workshops by sponsors
    4:30 PM: Workshops by sponsors
    4:30 PM: Cafecito Break
    5:00 PM: Snacks
    6:00 PM: Hacking
    7:00 PM: LATISM Gala/ Dinner (optional break)
    Rest of the night: Hacking



El Hackathon Rules: 1. Code All projects must be programmed at El Hackathon. Code must be fresh and not pasted from previous projects. Frameworks (like wordpress, bootstra...

El Hackathon Rules:

1. Code

All projects must be programmed at El Hackathon. Code must be fresh and not pasted from previous projects. Frameworks (like wordpress, bootstrap, angular js, processing/arduino etc.) or APIs (google,facebook, instagram,foursquare, twitter, etc.) to speed up development are highly encouraged. Make sure you list which frameworks were used. Prior to El Hackathon you may work on your logo, wireframes, design, idea validation, mockups, you name it. But no coding beforehand.

2. Code Review

Hacker teams will be subject to a code-review to ensure everything was built at the hackathon.

3. Remember this is a hack!

Feel free to use any frameworks, hosting service, languages, tools, workarounds, tricks or shortcuts you’ve discovered over the years to help you build quicker.

4. Teams

you must have at least one other person in your team to participate, no robots allowed as your only teammate. Ideal team size is 3-4 people. Robots, androids and other “chatarras” can tag along if they really want.

5. What to Build

Execute a unique idea around our theme; community, health, education and business.

6. Intellectual Property

Ownership of I.P. and code belongs to the team that created it. Your team has full ownership of your product and are free to do as they wish with it.

7. Submissions

We will be using a to organize and list project for review. A group of judges will take a look at all the projects and make a decision based on your project demo.

8. Last and Most Important Rule

HAVE FUN! It’s El Hackathon! A chance to experiment, collaborate and socialize for the sake of creativity and innovation.