Smart City Management using Smartostatics - Live Feed Smart Analytics



Technologies Used

Frontend - HTML/CSS/Bootstrap
Basic: Django

Project Team

Lipsa Senapati

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Idea Draft: We have identified the following features which we think are the few important aspects of any modern “smart” city. 1. Infrastructure 2. Communication 3. Education 4. Health 5. Transportation 6. Tourism 7. Waste Management Infrastructure: The problems that are prevalent in the current scenario are as follows; 1. Land Encroachment 2. Violation of the permit terms Land Encroachment is a scenario where an entity “occupies” another entities’ Land. In any smart city, to start with, the lands will be empty. This can be as an empty state, and the database will contain the list of all records and as the buildings are constructed, this empty land table will be modified accordingly. The unoccupied lands will be monitored from time to time by drones. The drones will be sent to a particular location (with the help of the geocode) and will capture an image of the land area. Since we have the details of the “land” in the database already, the image captured by the drone can be analyzed for any encroachment by the means of the land plot dimensions. Since the dimensions of the land is available, with metrics we can determine the neighbor who has extended into this piece of land. If a violation is observed, the concerned person will be notified in addition to triggering some action against the encroachers. Another common problem in under developed countries is the violation of permit terms. Traditionally, if a contractor obtains a permit just to construct a building of, say 100m, but violates it, a large overhead will be placed on the humans. But, with the proposed system, a drone can scan the buildings in a fixed schedule pattern and check for violations.


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