E20-02 Electricity update

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Shahenaaz Sulthana
Srikanth Kalwakuntla

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With this project we are focusing on two main aspects 1. To update consumers with a text message everyday with the units of power they consumed on that particular day and also amount of power they consumed upto that particular day of month so that they can control their usage of electricity. 2. To provide access control to mcb switches to switch them off through gsm commands , so that in case they go out and forget to switch off fan, tv etc they can send a gsm command and switch off the mcb of that particular room. Coming to the first aspect as we have different unit price for no. Of units consumed like for 50 units it is 1.45rps and for 50-100 it is 2.60rps etc, for people using 100 units and for people using more than 100 units like say 101 units their will be a increase in electricity bill almost 100 rupees so if people can know the units of power they are consuming daily they can consume power efficiently and save money and also the units of power consumed will also decrease . This project will mainly be useful for middle class people and also govt. Will get benefit as people will use power efficiently. And coming to second case , all the people may not have smart phones to access their house appliances so we are adding this feature to this project through which people can turn off the mcb of that particular room if they forget to switch off any appliance. We are trying to apply this to the technology which middle class people are presently using . https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9uXSgRK28NMcmpfWm8tZi1vN1U/view