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Shahenaaz Sulthana
Developer Designer Entrepreneur
Developer Designer Entrepreneur

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INTRO : Present day population figure has increased the necessity of the products (both consumable and other Groceries commodities). The primary necessity of every household is groceries. Groceries form a larger part of today’s shopping malls and other local shops. One has to go to the shop to purchase them. In today’s busy schedule taking out time for buying things is a tedious task. PROBLEMS : 1. Waiting in the long lines for paying the bills. 2. Shop doesn’t have sorted items , both fresh and expired or near to expire items are mixed and displayed. 3. What if you have to carry bulk items. You have to pay extra carriage cost for transportation to homes. 4. Employees living in the city need not spend an entire day to shop. 5. Old people can easily order groceriees to home 6. Home delivery makes it simple. 7. What if you are at a bus stop, railway station ,or some other place or work where you see a product on the bill boards and desire to buy it?. What if there is a solution to this ? 8. what if you have an requirement for an ocaasion lets ,say party or marriage .its difficult to make a list of all the items you need. Well , we come up with an application of an existing solution but with new options and features, Why do we stand unique? Or what is that we offer to our costumers for which they pay us . SOLUTION : We provide an android based application to the user , who can order the groceries manually or from the specific deal with a package (combination of different items as a single deal. This is what we call Virtual mall where you can purchase the product by Registering into the app , make required listings of the Items . scanning the QR code and ordering it. Anyone can order necessary groceries sitting at home by selecting the list from virtual mall store app. The app updates the server with your address and the list of groceries or other products and the respective seller may deliver this to your home. VIRTUAL MALLS Fresh delivery of vegetables and fruits. delivery of flowers even in the peak hour . We charge for the delivery based on the distance for certain distance we do offer a free home delivery After the limit we charge optimum costs. We do have a ine hour window , we can deliver the groceries within 12 hrs of the ordered time . Virtual Mall app makes purchasing of the things easy. PROPOSED SOLUTION It avoids users to go again and again to shops or markets It saves fuel consumption for costumers It gives them a best deal of the product CORE BENEFITS IT PROVIDES It gives them a best deal of the product Any time using code scanner can order the items PRODUCT Design Requirements – Specification, Standards, Safety, Production Quantity, Duty Cycle, Efficiency, Cost, Etc. Safe , efficient creating employment for other than retailers . TECHNOLOGIES Android mobile application https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9uXSgRK28NMaUFsR0I5VFZiSUE/view?usp=sharing