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Easy parking Introduction Now a days due to increase of population and automobiles, parking for all the vehicles at every place has became a big problem.to reduce this problem and showing a platform to people to overcome this problem in the form of an application. Existing System Even though some applications are there for parking solutions.but, they only help to book a parking slot at a particular place or destination, this is possible only in some places like in shopping malls, hotels, airports etc.. .this method can be implemented mostly in foreign countries .even though we have such facilities, but available at only few places. disadvantages  This system not efficient ,in our surrounding conditions  Only provides pre booking for parking. Proposed System The present system(application) provides information about all the parking spaces like empty spaces which are suitable for the parking present on road side, private parking areas, parking provided by the particular shop, mall etc and with the capacity of that particular parking area, and regular updates will be sent to the application on the present availability of free spaces and present status. This application also provides a facility for telephone booking for parking (respected phone numbers will be provided in the application). Not only giving assistance on commercial parking, but also acts as a platform among the people to share their free space in or around their homes (can advertise, if anyone is interested to give place for parking for rent). Through this system, people who has vehicles but do not have parking area can see those advertisements and able to find a parking area near their homes. Advantages over the existed system:  Regular updates on availability of parking in the required area.  Guides the driver where to park the vehicle.  Provides a platform for people to know parking areas around their surroundings. Conclusion Hence by the proposed system, we can conclude the application would be helpful in reducing the risk of finding a perfect parking place.