Shoes that measure weight and calories burnt


Technologies Used

Raspberry Pi

Project Team


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Product Manager Investor


We want to build shoes which measures the calories burnt during walking/running .It measures your BMI , compares it with the optimum BMI and gives the no.of days to reach ,it at this pace of activity. 1.What is your problem? Obesity and fitness tracking. 2.What is the statistical evidence/authentic report to justify your problem? http://www.worldobesity.org/what-we-do/action-initiative/aiprogrammes/world-obesity-day/statistics/ 3.What are the current solutions? There are many fitness apps and devices, but the devices are external and need to be carried separately. Jawbone ($100), Misfit ($150), Fitbit ($250), etc. http://www.wareable.com/fitness-trackers/the-best-fitness-tracker 4. What is your solution? BMI and fitness tracking through weight tracking Shoes. 5.How is your solution different and better? All the remaining are externally wearable, where as our product is an inbuilt fitness tracking shoe, weight can also be constantly monitored with these, and an associated app calculates the BMI and guides the users for better fitness. 6.What are key features of your solution? Inbuilt weight monitoring inside the shoes (instead of an extra device) Calculates BMI accurately and compares it (before and after workout) (and with the optimum level) and suggests the required food intake and workout to be done 7.Have you done your survey? What is the user survey you have done? Priyanka, a friend trying to become a model told that she wanted to continuously monitor her weight loss. Prabhakar, a software employee who is conscious of his health, said he would be pleased to replace his shoes with this 8.What are key technologies used in your solution and for what aspect? 1. Weight sensor 2. Raspberrypi 3. Android app 4. Amplifier for weight sensor 5. Load cell 9.Any statistics/report to justify your solution? http://www.worldobesity.org/what-we-do/action-initiative/aiprogrammes/world-obesity-day/statistics/ 10.What is hardware/software requirement for your solution? RaspberryPi, Android app, ioT. 11.What is cost of product? This shoes comes with an inbuilt fitness sensing technology and this technology costs up to Rs.2000


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