Operates with Beacons on Firefighters suits. (IoT & Beacon technology)



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Beacon Technology

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Lakshmi Jayasri G
Designer Developer

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Today's emerging strategic environment and operational challenges demand that the Army develop a more responsive and maintain the lethality . The problem we are focusing to solve is to put an end to the ineffective traditional approach used by the firefighters wherein a fireman is tied with a rope and sent inside to provide a signal to the other end of the team outside when in danger by manually pulling the rope .We can't stand on only one parameter during an operation wherein the commander who stays outside being unaware of the conditions of the Fire fighters. Since ,53 % of the firefighters die due the heart attacks, we aim to provide pulse monitoring along with distances (using beacons )of the fire fighters to analyze the conditions of person in action and send the other team if in need. Hence, Product Fueron is centralized in "Rescueing the Rescuers" making it ready for prime time . Our solution basically aims at attaching beacons along with pulse sensors to the fire fighters suits so that the Fire commander is intimated about the position of the fighter inside a fire building during an operation along with constant monitoring of the health conditions via an application. The beacons constantly emit radio signals scanned by the mobile device to calculate the distance using the signal strength being received. The unique feature of our product FUERON includes the integration of IOT with Beacon Technology that determines the distance and pulse rates of the fighters to the Fire Commander. Considering the market scenario, the US Fire Administrative Services is already into finding various possibilities to solve the above problem and currently there are no technological advancements being employed in the Fire department. Moreover, the Telangana Govt invests 64 cr Rs for the Fire Services in the Fire departments annually. Hence, if invested , our product Fueron could become one of the biggest technological advancements in the Fire Departments.