Detecting and monitoring stress levels



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Shivaram Pandramish Abd
M Mahesh Goud

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Product Manager Investor


Stress is the common problem now-a -days.Our device will detect the stress and notify the person and helps him to get relaxed by providing some tips through a mobile application. STRESS BUSTER a. What is your problem? Generally, people are more worried about their health but ignore the stress they’re undergoing which damages their health physically and mentally. b. what are the statistics evidence/authentic report(s) to justify your problem? http://www.statisticbrain.com/stress-statistics/ c. what are current solutions? Stress detecting devices and apps. d. what is your solution? To detect the stress levels of a person and notify him through the app and help him manage his stress. e. how is your solution different and better? We notify the user stress levels through an app and the user has to wear a stress detector to his wrist. Currently there are only android apps which shows the stress without using any detector on his wrist. f. what are the key features of your solution? • Portability • Compatible with any android device. • Easy usage g. have you done user survey .what is the user survey you have done? Yes, we have consulted doctors and they said it’s a good idea, but they suggested that stress is a mental effect and you must have an idea about the mental effects of a person and also suggested that it will be high at cost. We asked common people and even they liked our idea but are worried about the cost. h. what are the key technologies used in your solution and for what purpose? • 1)IOT • 2)JAVA • 3)PYTHON i. Any statistics/report to justify your solution? j. what is the hardware/software requirement for your solution? • arduino • pulse rate and heart beat sensor • Wi-Fi module • wrist band for stress detector k. what is the Total Cost of Ownership of your solution • 7000rs


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