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Sankalp Shere
Pamela Jacobson
Amy Hua
Developer Designer Entrepreneur
Ronald Ning
Corporate Entrepreneur

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Product Manager Investor


How many of you on your way to AngelHack had to do laundry, wash your dishes, or clean your room before you came over? Maybe you wish you didn't have to waste your time doing these things and could just hire someone for the next half hour to do the job. Unfortunately these jobs are often so miscellaneous and unplanned, that there's no place to go to, and we just have to do it ourselves. We're creating an app called Dobby that hopes to solve this problem by providing a peer to peer marketplace for people to hire a personal assistant in real-time at an affordable price. Just like Harry Potter, you can ask a Dobby to do anything for you. Dobbies have the option of being verified and background-checked, and they rely upon good ratings and references to continue their business. Unlike TaskRabbit, Zaarly, or Craigslist, we're focusing on creating an organized platform that achieves on-demand job fulfillment, keeps prices low through competitive bidding, ensures quality through a network of trust and escrow protection, and utilizes natural language processing to make creating a task as easy as texting. Under the hood, we're matching your time-sensitive job to someone with the right availability, mode of transportation, location, and skillset to do it. We have a solid design idea, workflow ideas, and mockups, we're ready to go and are now just looking for: designers, anyone with exp with Phonegap, node, socket io, or general javascript. Lemme know if you're interested in joining us for angelhack or outside of angelhack if you might want to join our brainstorming and coding sessions.


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