Technologies Used

Azure Blockchain

Project Team

Shannon Foster
Designer Developer

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Product Manager Investor


DIGIDAL =================== **DIGIDAL** can be described as a one part digital identity management platform and another part content distribution system. It is a cross-platform developing application currently in its prototyping stage. It is also a digital identity algorithm programmed specifically for adding, storing, generating, and retrieving user data. Using distributed ledger technology, **DIGIDAL** gives any entity the power to create a customizable and manageable database(s), preregister users, monitor content distribution, and track any alterations made to the generated database. Entities can now create their own blockchains, control who gets access to them, and decide the type of content and how they'd like it distributed. Putting individuals users in control of their identity, **DIGIDAL** never stores verifiable data aside from a standard user ID/key. Depending on the selected method of verification by the authoritarian group, the user may be prompted to verify their identity in the method selected. The general process of identity verification is as follows: >- Cognitive >- Biometric >- Computed Developer Notes ------------- When generating this project idea, I wanted to build a software that would be almost universal and utilized by entities that extend beyond government or medical. By researching existing problems and any to occur in the future, I decided to build something that will allow any group or individual to manage their data, store it, distribute, and retrieve it. This project turned out to be massive. Although most of the plugins I used are open source and available directly Github, the integration was the challenge. You can test out the prototype by visiting Learn more about the project and its continued growth at