Decentralized currency exchange for international business and banking transations


Technologies Used

Advanced Python

Project Team

Robert David
Entrepreneur Developer

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Product Manager Investor


The project code named Deximus, is the result of the business and technology knowledge and experience of the Deximus team and it’s desire to reduce the barriers to international trade, specifically that being done through Europe. This experienced team, with existing banking relationships for compliance and licensing in Europe, was formed to create a technology platform to serve the multi-billion dollars worth of international trade being done through Europe as a an economic hub for Africa, the middle east, Russia, and India. Despite the great amount of business done through Europe, these regions do not benefit from financial hegemony or integration as much as other, or more localized, economic regions of the world. The result is high transactional costs of doing business in Europe from these regions. Deximus will be based on the Cosmos/Tendermint blockchain framework, and is designed to create an autonomous and decentralized international currency exchange and transaction platform. By connecting both the existing banking system and new blockchain credit systems through compliant transaction services and a decentralized and standardized currency exchange platform, low friction currency conversion are the result, and the costs of international transactions can be dramatically reduced, while creating the possibility of currency agnostic payments. The technology design and architecture behind Deximus will also attempt to improve upon existing blockchain transaction protocols, and add enhancements or improvements necessary for the function of the system, and the addressing of existing limitations of blockchain based financial systems. Specifically the initial areas of interest to be addressed will include: standardized accounts addressing, improved and autonomous fee structures, accounts ledger standardizations, and incentive balance adjustments. This project has already received expressed interest from over 5000 businesses all over the world looking to reduce transations costs for their European businesses. Deximus will be a core component of the cost saving architecture of a global payments and transactions platform, and represents the bridge building required between new blockchain technology, and the banking industry, through existing funding and business partnerships with established financial institutions.