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Delen Hack Days

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About this event

Delen Private Bank is hosting a hackathon for the second time! The second edition of Delen Hack Days will start on the 14th of February in 2019. Register and get selected for our exclusive hackathon in the private banking sector.

We have provided 3 general challenges you can take on and we will provide more specific challenges on the start of the event. But it will also be possible to bring your own idea with you.

Apply solo or in a team of up to 3 people! Coaching, breakout-sessions, entertainment, food, drinks, etc... will all be provided. Be quick to register because we have a limited number of 30 places to fill.

Find more information or register at !


  • Home-3rd
  • Most Business Oriented
  • The winners of the category 'Most Business Oriented' will each receive an all-in fun experience. Pick your ...



  • Thursday
  • Arrival - Introduction - Group formation - Lunch - Hacking! (with optional break-out sessions) - Dinner - Hacking! (with optional break-out sessions) - Sleep (optional :-))

  • Friday
  • Hacking! (with optional break-out sessions) - Breakfast - Hacking! (with optional break-out sessions) - Code deadline - Pitch preparation - Pitching - Awards ceremony



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