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Object Drive is a flexible system for arbitrary data object storage in the cloud, designed for large-scale, high-volume use using modern architectural principles. requires installation of local certificate I have created a few movies (and locked them down to be private, giving both of you access using the email addresses on this thread). If there are others that should have access please let me know. Sorry for the sensitivity but oDrive has the full capability to handle CAPCO and NTK by name sharing and we show that all in the video. First one is a full 20 minute video on usage of the oDrive API and application as certified/accredited today. The second one is showing a streaming video scrubbing (the oDrive video) - I uploaded the video but forgot to shut the videos audio down so at the point I start streaming the video from oDrive you hear my voice doubled over (sorry, not a video editor but shows the full capability of the streaming of encrypted information even with full support for scrubbing unbuffered content). I will update the challenge notes with these two URLs.