Technologies Used

MasterCard SimplifyCommerce

Project Team

Joao Santos
Julia Reitz

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


We have small businesses that find it hard to compete against the big chains. We’ve got big businesses that go through slow hours of almost no customers. We’ve got people like you and me that £3 for their morning coffee, when we could, in theory, just spend £1.50. With Dealio, we want to solve all of those problems. Giving small and big businesses the same chance of increasing their revenue and presence for a small fee. We want to make people aware that there are alternatives to Starbucks that serve coffee which is just a nice (or even better). Opening the app will immediately recognise your location and show you all offers around you. You have the option to click on them, see how much the product is and how much time you’ve got left to purchase it. You can buy it through the app, receive a ticket and go to the merchant to pick it up right away. At a later point we will be able to tell the companies exactly how many people will be likely to see and purchase your offer which makes planning ahead a lot easier. We will also be able to notify each app user of when something of their interest will be available.


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