The rules for the hackathon are designed to allow everyone an equal opportunity for success. These rules are typical for most hackathons around the world, but if you have any questions/concerns, feel free to ping us for clarification.

  1. Start Together. You're allowed to form teams, develop ideas, and work on your designs, wireframes, etc. before hand. But, you can't write code beforehand. We all start coding together.

  2. Hack. Use any frameworks, tools, tricks or workarounds to help you build quickly. Use any language or service you want. If you need any hardware, you bring it. Plan ahead of time and ask us for help if you need help with your hardware. There will be category specific prizes, so try to use as many as possible to qualify for as many prizes as possible.

  3. Stay Agile. You're allowed to form teams or work individually. If you're working in a team, keep the team sizes within 4 people.

  4. You build it, you own it. You have the ownership of everything you build at the CUTC Hackathon.

  5. Deadlines: Follow the deadlines and submit the hacks on time. More information regarding specific times will be available soon.

  6. Have fun! Dinner, snacks and energy drinks are on us. All you need to do is bring your hacking gear and show off your coding chops. We'll have some games and LAN parties if you'd like to take a small break.