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Max Huang
Developer Entrepreneur

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Product Manager Investor


How many of you did buy something? I believe most of you here did. Either for yourself or you loved one. How many of you did research before buying? I believe most of you did. Either you surf the internet or compare the price of different product. Do you believe you can get paid when you are doing this? Yes. That is is doing: You get paid beside best deals. will guide you to find the best product with best price in the world. When you get the deal, write down what you did, what you like. And because that is the best deal, other people may follow what you did. Then you will get paid and we will get paid too. Is that amazing? Let me explain how to do that. have the open API interface from biggest chinese marketplace like Taobao and product database from thousands of thousands of vendors. Based on the open API interface, the special designed software can guide you find the best product with best price in the world. will take care of rest, including contacting the vendor, currency exchange and as well as international shipping and custom. The only thing you need to do is: get the best deal for yourself and write down how do you get the deal. If other people follow you, you will get well paid. That is so simple.


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