Connect the Needy

We connect the needy people with people interested in helping


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Rajeev Jayaswal
Developer Designer
Kedar Manure
Abhishek Choudhary
Entrepreneur Designer Developer
Mallesh Aggu
Vinod Hariharan
Designer Developer

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Here we have a platform to connect the people who are in need with the people who want to donate. Using our location based application we connect the people who want to help (by providing items like food, clothes, toys etc..) others who are in the need (eg: Homeless, charity, NGOs) A registered user can be a donor, help-seeker or volunteer. When they open our application they can set their role as a donor/help-seeker/Volunteer. Based on the type of request, we connect the seeker with the donor in real time. People who are not donors or seekers can become a volunteer. The volunteers can pick the items from the donor and deliver to the seeker within their flexible timings. They also has the flexibility to choose the distance within a radius for which they want to volunteer. The items that be donated can be anything like clothes, toys, vegetables/fruits, food. Some scenarios where this application will be helpful are when we have corporate parties/wedding/birthday celebrations where we have a lot of good food being wasted. The organizers can log into our application and create a donor request. Based on the availability of volunteers, the items can be picked up and delivered to the nearest NGOs or charity homes. Github Location: We have created android application as well. Code for the same is located at: We have captured demo video as well for this android application and have uploaded it on youtube at Thanks, Connect The Needy Team