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Rolf Hemmerling
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I am just passing the second free Coursera course about Android software development, have basic Java skills ( also good UML, Python,..), but would like to use the time to become more familar with the basics how to create a simple app. I am looking for contact with other newbies in Android app development. So the result must not be.. innovative, its better if it works at all and has a simple function ( remember the Minimum viable product" idea ). Also remember, this is not a 24h Hackathon, but we start at 10:00, and just have the time 11:15-20:00, 11:15-16:00 for coding our project. So this is "much less" than with a usual Hackathon. As I must do a "homework" for the coursera course, to create a simple app almost from the scratch, called "DailySelfie", so let our app be called "ConferenceSelfie" ( or if you prefer "Apps World Selfie" :-) So why don´t we do it together?! The code frame ( which must be filled with "code snippets" making it work as suggested ) given is at To become better familiar with the task, best would be if you join the free course at Coursera anyhow that you wont pass the training... This is is not to be an advertising for Coursera or the mentioned special MOOC course...