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Speed Monitoring Motorists in High Risk Areas



Technologies Used

Amazon Echo

Project Team

Elisabeth Steel
Andre Lipke
Corporate Investor Entrepreneur Designer Developer
Xiao(Amy) Zhou
Entrepreneur Designer

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Product Manager Investor


We are coding and assembling hardware to monitor motorist speeds within neighborhood communities. The purpose of collecting the speed of cars and associated datetime stamped data is to log traffic volume and density in local areas, particularly those adversely affected by city/county construction and road closures. This type of big data collected by local communities can be contributed to larger data sets to inform governmental decision making for resource allocation and project planning. City, county, and state construction and infrastructure projects unfortunately are not always in sync. Real time data generated by residents can be a valuable resource for project planning and resource allocation to keep communities and citizens safe. We are assembling a device specifically for the Kimberley Homeowners Association in Farmington Hills to help assess how traffic patterns of motorists travelling through the subdivision to/from the public school affects residents of the subdivision. The road closure of 11 Mile between Middlebelt and Orchard Lake has diverted hundreds of cars during rush hour through 1 access point 75 ft north of a major intersection (Middlebelt/11 mile). In addition to being the only access point for 330 homes in the subdivision, a Farmington Hills school is located in the back of the sub servicing hundreds of more families. Further, the Middlebelt subdivision access entrance serves as a bus stop for middle and junior high students. Complementary to collecting local data, we hope our device can be incorporated naturally into the landscape of its location, while also serving as a tool for residents to be alerted by high traffic volume and speeding by an audio/lighting alert.