You must be 18 or older and a permanent legal US resident to participate. Employees of NBCUniversal, Comcast Corporation or any other entity associated with the hackathon, and any members of an employee’s or hackathon judge’s immediate family or household, are ineligible to win a prize at the hackathon. If you are employed, please carefully review and abide by your employer’s policies regarding your ability to participate in this hackathon. All participants will have to sign a hackathon participant agreement and acknowledge that they have read and agree to the complete official rules. Participant agreement and official rules will be provided to registered attendees at a later date.

You can compete on a team of one to five people. One team per person. Although staying overnight is not required, we highly recommend it.

All hackathon submissions will be judged on creativity, simplicity, impact and design.

You will own what you build for the hackathon, though you must agree not to file for patents covering those items. The complete official rules may include restrictions on the use of certain third party materials within your prototype and other IP-related guidelines. Please read carefully.

Hackathon demos will be conducted at “30 Rock”. Only hackathon participants and individuals with verified passes may attend the demos. Each demo will be three minutes in length and the judges will have one minute for questions. Time limits are subject to change.