Turning Retail Merchants into Bitcoin ATMs

Las Vegas


Technologies Used

Frontend - HTML/CSS/Bootstrap

Project Team

Artur Schaback
Developer Designer Entrepreneur
Ray Youssef
Developer Designer Entrepreneur

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


The biggest problem in the Bitcoin ecosystem is that not enough people have bitcoins. We need an easy and a simple way and preferably from a friendly trusted face for people to get bitcoins without wiring money to a remote nation, entering online credit card details and waiting a few days. Our experience has shown us that people are willing to pay a big premium to buy bitcoin in person, especially the first time. Merchants are always hungry for new profitable revenue streams as well. is a win for all parties and has evolved from nine months of working with retail merchants on Bitcoin adoption. With you can easily go to your favourite merchant and buy a small amount of bitcoins instantly. Merchants can acquire bitcoins by selling his products/services for bitcoin. Merchants bitcoins are not tied to the current bitcoin exchange rate, but have the average of the price he has acquired them at. So when a merchant sells his bitcoins he sees what is his average price and what is the current exchange price. Moreover he can decide premium on bitcoins he is selling. A merchant can send Bitcoin to a customer who has no wallet and thanks to the api we create him a new wallet on the fly. The merchant has made profit, a customer has just acquired bitcoin from a trusted local source, the ecosystem has grown and a new bitcoiner may have been born.