COD (Condom on Demand)

We count your condoms

Hong Kong


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It's an internet of things to count the amount of condoms remained at home. If the amount of condoms are low, the device will send an email/sms/tweet notification to the user; and most importantly, the device will automatically order a new pack of condom for you and mail it to your home asap. For customers, it reduces the embarrassing moment for girls and even boys going to store directly to buy the condoms. It also motivates the people the use of condoms and hence reduces the chance of getting sex transmission diseases (STD) and AIDS. And the device is also a good for birth control of families. For condom manufacturers, they could get the user experience data which they can't be acquired through traditional survey says the frequency of use of condoms and interval of use of condoms. Most importantly, a regular subscription model of condoms can be adapted through this device so that the sales as well as the revenue of condoms can be increased.


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