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Co-mzo is an application to predict town congestion. This calculate congestion degree by using collected event information by crawler unit, clarify congestion as heat-map. And this provide line graph for us to compare to past congestion data. (In this Hackathon, we made only for Tokyo Area) ***[Why we make]*** (1) We eagerly desire that congestion prediction become possible. Please thinking about the time when you are in heavy congestion in your holiday. It will destroy your happy holiday plan, it will make disgusting feeling. We had so many that kind of experience!! We need solution to avoid that congestion. That is why we make this app. (2) We want to make a mechanism for easing congestion by making a synergy with Rideshare service just like Uber. If the drivers use this app, they will go congestion area for earn more money, then the area's people is less. In other words if the drivers use this app more and more, they can earn money more and more, and congestion is less and less. This app can make this mechanism. ***[Tech]*** Crawler(Selenium, Python), Calculate congestion(Python, D3.js), Backend Server(Node.js, MongoDB), Frontend(Vue.js, ES6, jspm, googleMapAPI, C3.js) ***[Tech Focus]*** (1) challenge new technology 'jspm'. (2) Calculate logic for congestion degree. We translate degree by logarithmic, scale for making inspiring heat-map. Human's cognition is logarithmic. When we make heat-map by using googleMapAPI, we provide it weight of congestion. googleMapAPI draw heat-map dependent on this weight value. We convert this value to logarithmic value to effectively express congestion for user. ***[Last]*** We made this app to solve urban congestion. And we want to continue develop this app. That's why we need hackcellerator program. source code is here


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