Cloud Terminal

Your Terminal, Your Android, Cloud Queued



Technologies Used

Google App Engine

Project Team

Nikhil Loney
Developer Designer
Sreeram Boyapati
Aneesh Neelam
Calvin Xavier Gomez
Designer Developer

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Every OS has a shell in which commands can be executed. Also, commands are extremely powerful. Windows has PowerShell, Mac, Linux and other Unix have Bash. Anything can be done through the command line, run apps, change settings, run scripts etc. All that needs to be done is entering the right command, the user is expected to know the exact command. Although an end-user friendly interface can also be developed for this. The system is platform independent, written in Java so it can be used in any Desktop OS. The system uses HTTP to connect to the cloud. That can be encrypted and secured. Already the system requires a username and password that is bound to a unique SystemID mapped to a particular computer. At the moment, no reply is sent, but exit code can be sent as well. We are working on that. Respectfully, I do not think any other such solution exists. The computer need not be connected to the internet or even powered all the time. It is like cloud file syncing but in this case the files are text and the text is executed as a command. It is not SSH, Telnet or Remote Desktop, VNC, those require the network to be configured to allow incoming connections in a NAT/Firewalled setup and also for the computer to be powered on at all times. Remote Desktop and VNC also take up a lot of bandwidth. The other commercial solutions like TeamViewer etc. also need the computer to be connected at all times and powered on. This system only requires access to webpages on the internet, specifically our webpage. Also this can be run in-house as well.