Level 2

$200 to the top 10 contracts in Level 2. These are for those devs that wanna dive right into the deep end. We are looking for powerful, robust, extensive smart contracts that really show off the full potential of the language. Clean code, descriptive documentation, strict testing, the works.

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Level 1

$100 to the top 7 contracts in Level 1.

This ain't your first rodeo, but you're no Steve Wozniak either. This level is for proficient smart contract developers who want to build a smart contracts showing off the principles of Clarity.

One step above basic, but probably not quite ready to be implemented in the next 'Killer DApp'.

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Level 0

$50 to the top 5 contracts in Level 0.

These will be the "lowest hanging fruit" of the smart contract tree. Basic smart contracts demonstrating some of the core design principals of the Clarity language.

More of a Bob Ross painting than the Mona Lisa ;)

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