Experience a revolution in transportation with hi-tech destination routing.

Abu Dhabi


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Muhammad Rehman
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Shehroze Khan

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CareemPlus inspired by Careem and built for Careem's services is an app made for the captains that contribute in making Careem the successful business that it is today. We aim to solve some of the challenges proposed by the folks at Careem. CareemPlus includes the following features: -Landmark Highlighting: (Solves/Improves: Passenger Routing ) This feature pinpoints the closest and most renowned landmarks around the passenger's pickup location. This not only makes it easier and more hassle free for our captains but our passengers too. -Captain Authorization: (Solves: Identity Theft, Improves: Safety) This feature makes use of biometric data (eg: Fingerprints) and allows our captains to verify their identity ensuring the safety of our vehicles, captains and most importantly our passengers. -An EventHub section: (Solves: Lack of passengers) This section displays all the important happenings of the city with a time, date and location. This feature enables our Captains to find a multitude of passengers especially since these events generate a lot of traffic. N.B: Another feature which is currently a work in progress (unable to complete due to time constraints) is a mass broadcasting dispatch system. We at CareemPlus plan on implementing this using Parse (Mobile Backend/DB) and Javascript Cloudcode. This feature would allow captains to warn other captains of traffic jams/accidents and which roads to avoid. This feature would also allow the folks at CareemPlus HeadQuarters to send important updates and messages to our captains synchronously