application detects hidden cameras and give notification.


Technologies Used

Arduino uno

Project Team

Chithnoor Veena
sagarika reddy
Choudam Sai Sri

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


VIDYA JYOTHI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY TEAM CODE: E27-03 PROBLEM: Women face problems when they travel to unknown places or trail rooms are being watched through spy cam. STATISTICS EVIDENCE: Smriti Irani spots hidden camera at Fabindia outlet. CURRENT SOLUTIONS: Glint finder is an android app which is used to detect hidden camera SOLUTION: Cam squad is an mobile application based on Internet of things which mainly provides security to customers in trail rooms. It warns the customer about the presence of hidden camera on its activation by an alert message. EXSISTING SOLUTION Vs OUR SOLUTION: There is no existing solution which detects the camera and gives a notification to the mobile , and they do not use any sensors. So we would like to use sensors to detect hidden cam and gives a notification. KEY FEATURES: The most important feature of this app is that it enables the people to detect the hidden camera by getting a notification to their mobiles. USER SURVEY RESULTS: When we spoke to different common people they are interested to take this product. TECHNOLOGY: IOT&Android. HARDWARE/SOFTWARE: Sensors, arduino board , spy cameras android sdk arduino IDE TOTAL COST OF PRODUCTION: Calculating around all the hardware equipments it costs around 2000.


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