Extend driver's situational awareness

Kuala Lumpur


Technologies Used

Arduino Development

Project Team

Ronald Chia Yong Jing
Ng Jo Hee
James Ooi

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Product Manager Investor


What if we can extend your senses while driving? C-ONAR (a combination of Car and Sonar) is a system that uses ultrasonic sensors to provide frontal range-finding data to increase your situational awareness. These data unlocks many opportunities in creating a safer driving environment for everyone. For example, we implemented an Ambient Lighting System.These data can be used to create an ambient lighting system that changes its colour depending on your distance to the nearest object in front of your car. Let’s be honest, many people would resort to using their phones while waiting in traffic/traffic lights. But sometimes, you do not realise that the car in front of you has moved. With this ambient lighting system, we’ll make you realize that. On a similar note, the ambient lighting system can help the driver to indicate a safe-driving distance (3-second rule). As drivers break the 3-second rule, the ambient light gradually becomes more red to inform the driver that he or she is driving dangerously. At a ‘safe driving distance’ the ambient light becomes a comforting green colour. Way to go, driver! -------------------------- Meanwhile, users can also implement a Frontal Park Assist feature to any car. The device’s ease of installation makes it easy for any drivers to extend any car with frontal park assist. With a simple mobile application, the driver can ‘see’ objects in front of their car that can’t however be seen with their eyes.