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About this event

Let's hack the issue of fake news! Be an instrument of social good and innovate against one of the most pressing issues we're facing today!

Jump In! Applications for the ‘Break the Fake Hackathon 2019’ is now open!

The world is in dire need of innovators that would step up and help curb the most pressing issues!

Now’s your chance to be part of the solution!

The Break the Fake Hackathon 2019 is an innovation competition that aims to gather the brightest minds across ASEAN to implement innovations and creative applications that will help address fake news and disinformation. Following the success of ‘Break the Fake Blogathon 2017’, the organizers are more than empowered to bring this competition to the next level.

The innovative competition was organized by the Break the Fake Movement, an independent group of young leaders from different professions and sectors organized last 2007, which aims to raise awareness and combat the rising influence of false information.

For all the interested applicants of the competition, here’s when and where the hackathons will take place:

June 15, 2019 -@america, Pacific Place, Jakarta, Indonesia
July 13, 2019 - WORQ KL Gateway, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia August 17, 2019 - Solutions Space PH, Makati, Philippines September 14, 2019 - Solutons Space PH, U.S Embassy, Manila, Philippines

The Grand Hackathon will happen in Manila, Philippines on the September 14-162019, wherein country winners in each of the mini-hackathons will be given the chance to compete for the Grand Prize of P 100,000.00. On top of that, the recipient of the prize will also have a chance to:

  • Present their innovations to the U.S Embassy
  • Pitch for funding from different funders; and
  • Visit the offices of different tech companies in Manila
  • Meet entrepreneurs and members of YSEALI Philippines

The competition provides a great opportunity for the youths to catapult their innovative ideas on a grander scale, ideas that have a high potential to bring powerful solutions against the rise and spread of fake news and information.

To join, you may register through this link:

For the latest updates, please follow us on our Facebook page at


  • Home-2nd
  • Country Local Winner (2nd prize)
  • All country winners will receive P10,000.00, and free flights and accommodation to Manila, Philippines, whe...





In order to take part in the #BreakTheFake Hackathon, you need to register on this website, form a team of 3 people, and develop an idea or innovative approach to an existing idea/tool/platform tha...

In order to take part in the #BreakTheFake Hackathon, you need to register on this website, form a team of 3 people, and develop an idea or innovative approach to an existing idea/tool/platform that aims to fight and address the issue of fake news and disinformation.

Eligibility 1. All teams must be composed of 3 members, currently residing in Southeast Asia, and have a strong commitment for change. 2. Team members can be business developers, programmers, software engineers, designers, and others. Students are welcome to apply. 3. All team members must not have affiliation with companies, organizations, and other groups that propagate fake news and false narratives in social media. 4. An eligible individual cannot join more than one Team.

Criteria - The quality of the executive summary, including innovativeness of the idea (originality and creativity) - 25% - The feasibility of the idea, potential impact (the extent to which it solves the use case, scalability and user experience) - 25% - How well the proposed application can be adopted by stakeholders that address fake news 30 % - Team Complementarity in terms of skills & experience - 20%

Submission Requirements: - Executive summary (including experiences & skills of the team members) - For the registration part, we will not request a working demo/video (with code repository). But for all the chosen teams, we will set a deadline for the minimum viable product (MVP) to be submitted. - (Optional) Video of your team members during the building of your prototype. This is only for fun but we will use these videos to build up the next #BreakTheFake video clip!

Application Deadline: 10 May (Jakarta), 15 June (Penang), 15 July (Manila) Results announcement: 15 May (Jakarta), 15 June (Penang), 15 July (Manila) Number of selected teams: 10-15 teams per location