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twitter fabric

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Ian Muge

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The pain that Boardatu addresses is the long queues that one has to make before boarding public transport in the CBD and the change syndrome that conductors use to keep your money. Well, In Nairobi 70% of people work in the CBD or the environs and most of them opt to have a public driver to drive them from home to the city center while going to work in the morning and back home in the evening. Its quite an interesting experience when you share a driver with 13 other people while in the vehicle which we refer to as a 'mathree'. The bitter part of the juice is that one has to make long queues up to 3 hours waiting to board the matatu and there is still need for cashless payment system in public transport. Boardatu is uber but for public transport. Its a mobile and web platform that focuses on enhancing booking of public transport, visualizing where the matatus are using MMI Rover 201, Rover is a Comprehensive Tracking Solution, its the only tracker with house number premium maps that helps in accurate tracking. Boardatu will help client conduct price comparisons of different saccos and provide a payment system which will work using MPESA API and one can pay pre-pay or post pay depending on the bundle. The rational of the payment system is to help cut loss of income by transport operators due to theft by the staff, paying of bribes to traffic officers boost tax collection. Users also benefit from being able to access their online account and manage their transport expenses. Lastly, Boardatu also allows users to share their story online. At one instance, a lady alighted a matatu and remembered she had left 50 shillings change. So she took a bike and paid a 100/- to get to the matatu then got her 50/- back. We allow users to share such stories using twitter #MatatuStory Technology used are Using Twitter to Login to Boardatu, Booking Matatu by Mapping Matatus using GPS Tracker, Using MPESA API to allow payment and Using Twitter Rest API to post matatu stories


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